Top 5 Latest Adidas Sports Shoes you can Buy This Year

Adidas has been one of the leading manufacturers of sports gear including shoes for many years now. The brand Adidas is associated with great quality and durability besides making a style statement in the world. Adidas shoes have been for so long a benchmark of the manufacturing standards in the shoe industry. Today, we will present you with the best Adidas sports shoes available currently in the market.

Adistar Boost ESM

Your perfect companion for an early morning jog, the Boost ESM is the perfect road running shoe designed to offer you mild support on your mid-foot area while running. Available in 8 different color options, the Boost ESM has earned good reviews from a number of professional athletes for the presence of the mid-sole technology which puts less pressure on your feet and provides extra support to them.

The Supernova Glide Boost 8

Another great quality road running shoe from Adidas is the Supernova Glide Boost. This shoe is perfect for people who like to go on long distance runs throughout the day and the padded interior and a comfortable sole makes sure that your feet are well supported and protected. The shoe comes in 8 different color options and the boost technology used on the shoe helps to attenuate the impact on your feet while jumping or landing.

Response Boost 2

The very popular boost range of Adidas shoes provides you with another option for your daily running activities. The Response Boost 2 uses the Boost mid-sole technology to lighten the pressure on your feet while distance running and provides you with an energy boost to the toes. The shoe is one of the best durable running shoe you will ever come across in the market. The shoe feels very lightweight while running because of the foam padding around it.

Terrex Swift R GTX

The Terrex Swift R from the Adidas shoe range is highly suitable for those runners who go on for running around the terrain regions. The shoe includes waterproofing features to protect it from getting too wet in case of rains or collected water on roads. It has a brilliant grip on the mountain road or on the off-road terrain for which the shoe is purposely built for. However, one drawback to the added grip and cushioning on the shoe is the additional weight of the shoe in comparison to other models.

Adidas Alpha Bounce

The Alpha Bounce road shoe from Adidas is the latest shoe in line to make a mark on the market across the globe. The shoe features a state of the art mesh technology on the upper portion to provide added comfort and flexibility to the shoe. The new Bounce mid-sole technology used on the shoe helps to provide support to your foot. The overall design of the Alpha Bounce allows the people to use the shoe in many different activities.

The Last Words

Adidas Shoes have been the standard bearer in the market for a long time and with the launch of a number of great products as mentioned above, it will surely be at the top of the charts for many more years to come.…

Funky Fastrack Watches Young Generation Would Love to Wear

Young generation’s love for Fastrack wrist watches is no hidden truth. These watches have got some funky style and trending design that captures the mind of young people. College students love to wear these funky watches from Fastrack as it enhances their personality and increases their style quotient. Let’s see some of the trending funky Fastrack watches young people love to wear.

Fastrack Casual Digital Black Dial Watch

Designed in a black shade, Fastrack casual digital black dial watch is a lighter watch that weighs only 168 grams. It features a digital analogue with black background that displays the time whereas the silicon black band gives an edgy touch to the watch. It’s a water resistant watch for up to 50 meters depth. The company has set its price at INR Rs 1,999.

Fastrack Analog Green Dial Watch

Fastrack analog green dial watch has got decent design and subtle style. The dial comes with multi color shade whereas the numerals style is unique. The watch that weighs around 200 grams has quartz movement mechanism and is water resistant up to 50 meters. The silicon strap of the watch is given a black color which suits it. The watch is priced at INR 1,924.

Fastrack Upgraded Analog Silver Dial Watch

Fastrack upgraded silver dial watch is a wonderful watch designed to go well with any attire you wish to wear. The strap is built using stainless steel and comes in silver color. It also features deployant clasps and analogue display with a silver dial color. It is one of the lightest weighing Fastrack watch in the market. It comes with a price tag of INR 1,700.

Fastrack New OTS Analog Watch

A popular choice among youngsters, fastrack OTS analog watch is equipped with Quartz mechanism. The design and style of the watch is impressive which is capable of attracting young people. It has a synthetic band and analogue display which is made using acrylic. Buckle clasps provides strong grips that prevents the watch falling off the wrist. You can find New OTS analogue watch in stores or at online portals with a price tag of INR 1,329.

Fastrack Economy Analog Blue Dial Watch

Fastrack Economy Analog Blue Dial Watch is undoubtedly one of the most attractive funky Fastrack watches you will find in the stores. It has blue dial with attractive design in the background and the brand logo at the right side. The only drawback of the watch is that it weighs 200 grams, slightly heavier than other Fastrack watches. You can buy this impressive watch at INR 1,900.

Fastrack Casual Analog Black Dial Watch

If you wish to buy a cost effective funky fastrack watch, then Fastrack casual analog black dial watch is the perfect fit for you. The black dial features green color numerals that give the watch its funky look. It’s a water resistant watch for up to 30 meters depth. The watch comes with an affordable pricing of INR 750.

The Last Words

Each fastrack watch mentioned above has got great looks and some unique features. Moreover, the pricing is what sets Fastrack apart from the rest of the brands. Choose any of them and you will be delighted by its funky looks, this is what all the Fastrack watches promise.…